I compiled a small set of commands for the svn newbie like me. I will update this post whenever needed as I am still learning it myself.

# Create a repository
svnadmin create d:\repos\dbf2009

# Import initial files to repository
svn import -m "Initial Import" DBF2009 svn://ip.address/dbf2009 --username harry

# Checkout
svn co svn://ip/reponame

#checkout from same machine
svn co file:///e:/repos/dbf2009

# Update working copy (local copy)
svn update

# See overview of changed files (comparison from .svn)
svn status

# See defailed info of cahnged files (comparison from server)
svn status -u -v

# Commit changes to svn server
svn commit -m "testing lang"

# See defailed diff
svn diff

# Schedule addition of a file or directory
svn add 

# Rename a repository
# There is no rename command, create a new repo, create a dump file from the old repo,
# load the dump file to the new repo. Don't forget to fix permissions in config directory
svnadmin create /path/to/new/repository/
svnadmin dump /the/path/to/old/repository/ > old-repo.dump
svnadmin load /the/path/to/new/repository/ < old-repo.dump